Friday, February 4, 2011

Three books of interest

The folks at the Slovak-American International Cultural Foundation Inc. are offering three Slovak-themed books for $30 plus $10 shipping and handling.  The books are:
  • Slovak Tales for Young and Old, in Slovak and English; by Pavol Dobsinsky, modern Slovak version by Peter Strelinger,  translated by Lucy Bednar, illustrated by Martin Benka.
  • Images Gone with Time: Photographic Reflections of Slovak Folk Life; photographs by Igor Grossman, text (in Slovak and English) by Martin Slivka
  • Night of the Barbarians: Memoirs of Communist Persecution of the Slovak Cardinal; by Jan Chryzostom Cardinal Korec, S. J. 
I own copies of the first two, and keep meaning to get the third. Rather than describing or reviewing all three books, I'll just mention one.  Images Gone with Time is a book of 124 striking black and white photos, taken 1950-1965. Each photo has a caption which includes year and place ("Harvest near Suja, Rajec Valley, 1957").  Photos are organized by theme, such as Memory, Work, and Heritage. There are some comments by the photographer at the back of the book, and at the beginning of each theme.  A beautiful collection of photos!

All three books are worth owning or reading, for anyone interested in Slovakia.

See for more details about each book as well as to access the sale price.

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